Two biological sciences majors led this year’s licensure examination for teachers (LET) passers whose results were released November 2013.
Samantha Chedrick Wallis and Maria Kristine Velasco were named top two in the regional level after obtaining a grade of ______. They were two of the six Marians who were in the regional top 10 list.
Other regional topnotchers were Kathleen Grace Caluya, BSEd-Mathematics, who ranked sixth; Liezel Lopez, another mathematics major, ranked ninth. Landing in the top ten list for elementary level, meanwhile, were Marriane Tuguinay (BEEd-GEE) at eighth place and Cristine Marie Hiadan (BEEd-GEE), ninth place.
Velasco said the pressures she dealt because of the achievements of the previous batches in the LET yet she expressed her fulfillment as a regional topnotcher despite the failed expectations of other people.
“Dealing with people with high expectations were my difficulties before the LET. The successes of the previous batches before us gave our batch endless pressures. The same things were expected from us. Unfortunately, I only made it on the top 2 in the regional level. Nonetheless, I am proud of myself and to all the people who made this wonderful thing happen to me”, she said.
Velasco also acknowledged notable persons who carried her in her success and advised her fellow Marians who are aiming to top the LET to add faith in each effort.
“The training and meaningful lessons I received from my teachers at SMU helped me where I am right now. The endless support I received from my family and all the people who believed in me ignited the already burning desire to do better. To those who are aiming to top the LET, always put God in everything that you do because He will direct and lighten your path to ensure your success”, she said.
Meanwhile, Caluya felt so happy when announced as one of the regional topnotchers, yet she confessed the pressure because of the expectations brought by the title.
"Performing well in the LET means performing well in the field of teaching. I'm pressured hoping that I won't fail the expectations of anyone." Caluya felt frustrated because she wasn't able to be a national topnotcher, yet she chose to be optimistic of being on the regional's list.
"When they said that no one from SMU [topped] in the national level, my world turned dark but God comforted me, passion was even more than enough for me, the point is I did my best. If I can't be a national topnotcher, maybe I can top at the regional level." “Be committed with your goals in life. And do not dream a SIMPLE one, when you can achieve more than that. Never underestimate yourself. Claim your success. But bear in mind, the will of God will always reign”, said Caluya as she gave her advice to the next LET takers.
A total of 72 LET passers who took the examinations on Sept. 29 came from SMU.
The national passing rate was 67.74 percent for the secondary level and 69.44 percent for the elementary level.

LET passers
By: Rhodora Aquino & Rodny Giverson Garcia