The many roles she is handling could ever stop her from being named national topnotcher in the library licensure examination (LLE).
Alma Sepulcher Mason, who graduated magna cum laude, might be a full time wife and mother, student and even a teacher. But she beat all odds.
A week after taking the LLE in Nov. 3-4 which, in her own words, she took for fun, she went through the Facebook account of her friend and was surprised to see that, in the results, she was in the fifth spot.
Mason took Bachelor of Library and Information Science as her second course and got her diploma last year. She is also a full time wife and mother and also, a teacher at Sierra College.
During the weekdays, she would be in SMU while on Saturdays, she would go to Nueva Vizcaya State University-Bayombong to finish her masteral degree. All these, she managed to do while being a consistent full scholar and was even named second placer in the region.
When asked what helped her reach such a feat, Mason answered that one must know how to balance their time wisely, to never give up and have a strong support system.
“I think number one diyan eh time management. Then perseverance mo and of course, support of family,” she said.
Saint Mary’s University posted a 76.92 percent passing rate compared to last year’s 52.63 percent. #

By Chantal Therese Tayaban