Can we make the admission slip computerized?

And they said it was possible.
With innovation as one of the core values of SMU, the offices of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Services (ADSAS) for Men and Women introduced the Student Personal Attendance Record Kiosk (SPARK) this second semester of A.Y 2013-2014.

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With the total separation from manual writing, recording and filing of student absences, SPARK offers electronic checking and storing of students’ records of tardiness and absences with less time and effort.
“Last school year when I was appointed as ADSAS, that was summer, I have noticed the long lines and queues of students who were getting admission slips and they were even required to buy folders. Once they have filled up the record, they have to file [them] and then when they came back for another admission slip, they have to look again for the files. It takes time,” Mr. Samuel Damayon, ADSAS for Men said.
He furthered that the ADSAS office thought of a computerized system that that will help avoid overcrowding due to long lines and the  problem of putting together records “so that the parents will be informed.”
“We coordinated with the CICT [Center for Information and Communication Technology] and we made a proposal. Can we make the admission slip computerized? And they said it was possible,” he added.
Meanwhile, Mr. Erwin Exequiel Calata, director of CICT said that the project was started during the first semester of the academic year.
“Nung inumpisahan namin ‘yan, nag-meeting kami with DSAS noong June [2013], September ‘yung test implementation. In between ‘yung planning stage,” Calata said.
Damayon also said that while the first semester included the planning stage, second semester was actually the trial period.
“Pero as we see it, parang okay naman. The original query was  how do we solve ‘yung data of the student absences and of course the CICT assured us that once they [data] have entered into the system, [they] will be stored in a data information and then the data will be authenticated,” he said.
While a majority of responses rated the SPARK system as excellent due to easier way of getting excuse slips, a senior education student, English major suggested further improvements.
“Innovation siya in a way na mas mabilis pero excellent? Needs improvement pa rin. Kasi isipin mo ‘to, 25 kayong kukuha ng admission slip, ang mangyayari sa processing, isa-isang magta-type. As in you have to wait for your turn,” the student said.
He furthered that the system can still be improved by putting more computers or even cubicles so as to preserve privacy against the student in line who can view the information being encoded in the screen. M